Basic Information Edit

The Albatross is the Airship from the beginning of the game and is also the first area you will unlock. It includes a vending machine, a bank, the monster bank, Dr.Lump (when you unlock him), the slime to change it between day and night, and the liquid metal slime that sells you metal tickets for 10,000G.

Story Edit

This will be the first thing that you will see from when you make your game. You are a stowaway on the Albatross and you climb into a crate. Solitaire from DQMJ is also there and won't go on the ship because she thinks it's a rustbucket and that it will just end up crashing (which she is correct about). After that Rory picks up the crate that you are in and puts it onto the ship. Once the first cutscenes are over and you are now in the air you climb out of the crate. You then hear someone chasing after their Teeny Sanguini (or Pugsy-Wugsy which Lily calls it) which starts growling at the crate you are in. Lily Gilder (the owner of "Pugsy-Wugsy) then opens the crate and sees that you are in there. She then tells everyone and Captain Rex Mayday makes you a deckhand. After you do what Rex tells you to do the ships engines malfunction and you crash land onto a island which is the one you are going to explore. You then find Rory and he helps you get your first monster and teaches you the basics to the game.

Available Monsters Edit

  • Slime
  • King Slime (night)