Basic Information Edit

Treepidation is the second area that you unlock while playing through the game.

Story Edit

Once you get there Rory Bellows will be there with you, and he runs ahead. Once you explore the area a bit more you will find Archie Logg and you will reach a cutscene where Rory is eaten by Wormonger. You then have to find the cave where the Wormonger lies and go inside of it. Once you get into the Wormonger you will find Rory unconscious in the back of the Wormonger. Once you go to wake Rory up a Hyper Heyedra and have to fight it. Once you defeat it you wake up Rory and you are now finished with Treepidation.

Available Monsters Edit

  • Slime
  • Metal Slime
  • Mental Pincher
  • Sabrecub
  • Great Sabrecat
  • Boss Troll (night)
  • Heedeevoodoo
  • More Imformation needed